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Rick Jamm of Jamsphere on "WATCHING":

" Here you’ll find some of Cole’s most comprehensive arranging and aggressive playing, as he really shows us what an all commanding monster on guitar that he really is...Joined by the resonant piano keys, the imposing rhythm escalates into an all-out assault on the ears and the mind. Epic in its sweep and emotion. This is also one of Cole’s finest songs, truly capable of sweeping you away in its musical vortex."

Jeremy Gladstone says "Lost In The Sound": 

"Practically plays like a greatest-hits album with the number of pre-released singles that are featured on Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s latest record, Lost In The Sound.  Take note, independent musicians & bands from around the world…this is how ya do it…"

Rick Jamm on "FINAL CURTAIN":


"Roger Cole is crafting music way beyond the masses. This is wonderful sonic art."