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Well I guess my last blog was a rant about the Internet, and yet still I must rant. Seems that Facebook now has hackers who are trying to get into accounts to grab contact lists, and god know what else. Probably as much information as they can steal from unsuspecting users of this platform. Lately I’ve seen these commercials with Mark Zuckerberg promising that they are doing all they can to protect their users, still these problems arise with more and more frequency. Hey Mark, you can show us your war rooms with techs working their little digits to the bone, but guess what, it isn’t enough. Every morning I open up my lap top or tablet or phone just to get messages from people asking if I’ve sent new friend requests. Ever since this crap started I’ve sent out zero requests, I really have much better things to do with my time than try to get this all sorted out. Here’s the dilemma though. Facebook is the largest platform doing this social media thing, great for staying in touch with friends, family, and promoting my shows and my work at Betterdazemusic.com.

My family has stopped using facebook as their primary social media outlet, but to move to instagram is just another off shoot of FB. Lately I’ve been tweeting on the betterdazemusic tweet world for promotion, even though I swore I would never tweet it seems to be fairly safe. When I first started using Facebook because it was better than myspace, things were good. As it has grown though it has become another moneymaking machine that has steam rolled through the digi world. As randy Newman said, “it’s money that matters”, and nowhere is that more evident than on Facebook. I guess that if this is the way of the world then I can’t expect the various connective platforms to be anything other than business as usual. Sometimes I just want to scrap this account and start all over again, but that’s more of a problem than it’s worth, so I shall type on, hope for the best and hope I don’t get an ad for how to stop hacks. If you get a friend request from me, don’t open it!

Funny thing, as I’m composing this Blog I’ve gotten another message from a friend in England asking if I sent a friend add to their account. I said don’t open it it’s a hack job – their reply was “ I thought so, it’s in Spanish” YIKES,!!!~ COMO WTF !!!!


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