• Paul Barrere

Pardon My Rant

Hello my friends.

I’m going to borrow a phrase from Dennis Miller’s old T.V. show. ‘I don’t Usually Rant’, but ranting is really the only way i can do this blog. I’ve become leery and weary of the internet. Not so much the whole internet, but search engines and social media sites. Now, i must confess, at 70 years around the sun gave me a late start in all these wonderful possibilities of a world wide web, it has recently become so invasive that I’ve grown gun-shy to even sign on. I remember back in 1986 or 87, a little foggy on the actual date, i had this one screen dial up device that would connect me to a few folks and send messages electronically. It required a very large ethernet cable, or was it a CAT 5 phone connector? Anyhow, it was not the easiest way to sign on, and needed a direct connection in whatever hotel i was innate the time and dial up numbers to connect the devise. I believe it was CompuServe, The crazy sounds it made while connecting was unreal. And the speed was really slow by today’s standards. But amazing it was, i could stay in touch with business associates and share ideas, or just say hello from across the country. Then the whole thing exploded into ISP’s and newer bigger and better services that boggled the mind.

I joined AOL (still have that address after all these years) and it was a great tool to promote shows, contact a larger list of friends and family, and just generally get information that seemed real enough. Now i have a hard time signing on to my pages, as the information is unreliable. Never mind that it has divided us into groups that are reminiscent of high school bozo’s pointing fingers at each other in ways i couldn’t imagine years ago. The art of conversation has left the building and you don’t know if some of the stories you hear are real or generated by some bot manipulated by a third party who’s sole purpose is to drive a wedge between us and send us out nipping at each others heels like a rabid dog. Our personal data is for sale, and algorithms push us in directions the leave you wondering, “WOW, how did it know?”

This latest one on the messaging platform is just a doozy! I’ve gotten the same message from a number of friends telling me that I’ve been hacked, and that now someone can set up a Face Book account with all my information. Usually I would go and try and figure this out, but after waiting a couple of days I’ve come to the conclusion that what they’re after is my contact list. When I get the same worded message saying just go to your contacts list and send this massive IM out I think hmmm, maybe something’s screwy here and what they want is my contacts so they can screw with them saying it’s me or my opinion. I love technology, I really do, but there is so much money to be made by these hack in sakers I’d love to just expose them for what they are - blood sucking leeches. Remember that you can share in your underwear, but your whities just got tighter!!!


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