• Paul Barrere

Things That Make You Say "What?"

Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to make sure the things I’m seeing are real. Sometimes I just shake my head and say WHAT? I was watching the news and those people being affected by these floods we’ve just recently seen devastate the areas around Nebraska and all of the upper Midwest. All the Typhoons and Cyclones in the Far East. Droughts that are searing the earth, and all these happening at the same time, and yet there are still those who deny global warming or climate change. It boggles my mind. Elected officials holding snow balls up in congress asking where’s the warming? Perhaps you should remove your head from the sands of your own neighborhood and take a good long look at the planet. Hey, we only have one planet, but way too many old fogies in positions of power who care more about their own bottom line than the health and care of our planet.

How many disasters will it take before we actually do something about it. This is not a partisan problem, it’s our very existence we’re talking about. Liberal or conservative, these are not dirty words, albeit some want you to believe they are. I myself am a little of both. Some issues I’m more liberal on, and others more conservative. But climate change is real. Facts are facts, and guess what, even if I’m wrong about climate change along with 99% of scientists, would it be so bad to take steps to make the earth a healthier place for future generations? But if I’m right, then to not start programs to heal this swinging sphere could be catastrophic. This earth is the garden of eden, heaven if you will, if we, humanity get out of the way, stop trying to control it and leave that job to the mother of all mothers, Mother Nature.


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