From the album "Lost in the Sound"

Political Freak Show


What’s with the fireflies always chasing rainbows
I saw a unicorn running down highway 2
A strung out mystic with a crystal ball
For .50¢ tells you there’s no future at all
Get your tickets for the dancing bear, he’s now performing
Pulling tricks for the man in the chair, attacks without warning
Cotton Candy fell from the flying trapeze
The people in the bleachers all started to scream
The lame lion tamer thought he was the star
‘til 44 clowns jumped out of a car
A high heeled cougar with spots, walking down the midway
Sniffing at the penguins bouncing on a trampoline
A $5 ticket will win a free prize
It’s worth about a nickel and that’s the surprise
So step right up, cause everybody wins
Everybody wins
The pyrotechnic peacock just burnt down the funhouse
What goes through a bird’s brain, nobody knows
They say the crazy pigeon has rocks in his head
There’s no information, all circuits are dead
That’s the last time that I go downtown on medication
The snake oil blue pill that they sell is good for-nication
Living in your own reality
Has its ups and downs it’s easy to see
The phone ain’t ringing so answer the call
It’s all become a circus after all