Omnificence Audio offers products with the option to buy formats best suited to your needs.  Here is an explanation of these formats:

Loops - audio files that can repeat in a determined tempo and stay in time


One Shots - audio files intended to play through once in a determined tempo at the users discretion for things such as breaks and turnarounds. And single hits of a particular instrument or part (IE- a kick drum or a drum and bass part that does not repeat)


Wav File pack Contains a collection of wav files (universal audio format created by Microsoft at the listed frequency and bit rate, i.e.- 48 khz 24 bit)

Aiff File Pack Contains all aiff files universal audio format (created by Apple  at the listed frequency and bit rate, i.e.- 44 khz 24 bit)


MP3 file pack (a compressed version of audio files for use when the users computer processing is limited)


Midi Packs - a collection of small midi files that can be arranged by the user in their preferred DAW comes with a basic collection of samples needed to audition the pack. such as one sample of each element in a drum kit for midi drum parts.


Sampler patches (Kontakt): a complete patch that can be used in the applicable software already owned by the user.


Construction Kits: A collection of royalty free pre recorded loops such as (Drums, bass ,guitar) broken out to separate audio and midi files so that when put together sound like a produced recording. Genre based.



Product Requirements:

Platform Version

Kontakt Patches created with Kontakt v 5.8.1 

This product requires the full retail version of Kontakt and is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.